Safe haven for Recovering Addicts

Introducing Scotswood Retreat in Constantia, Cape Town. This holiday destination is well known for the world class quality of rehabilitation centers it is home to. Each year hundreds of Britons and citizens of other countries in the European Union travel to this beautiful city in the hope of finding a new way of life, to break free of the grip of addiction. Addiction effects people from all walks of life. Addiction does not discriminate between race, color, sex or religion. When the term addiction is used most people immediately think of a drug addict with a needle in his arm with only himself to blame. Addiction however comes in many shapes and sizes and is not limited to just the use of illegal street narcotics. There are many behaviors or process addictions that can also render people helpless and enslaved to repeating the same harmful act over and over again with full knowledge of its negative consequences but helpless to act differently. Scotswood Retreat provides a safe space for people that are struggling to reintegrate into society after spending some time in a rehabilitation center. Many recovering addicts find themselves at a loss after leaving a treatment center. Their old lives are just too full of triggers that remind them of their previous negative behaviors and pose a serious risk for relapse. Scotswood is a sober house in Cape Town that provides a safe and peaceful environment for these recovering addicts to thrive and build a steady foundation to grow on. The retreat is set in an old tastefully  refurbished farmhouse in Constantia, Cape Town. Scotswood can accommodate a total of eight people in total and offers an assortment of amenities and facilities. The house is professionally serviced three times per week and cooked evening meals are provided from Sunday through to Friday. The house is equipped with free Wifi and DSTV and has beautiful gardens with a swimming pool. There are also trained staff on the property that are available to help residents discuss any difficulties they may be experiencing in their recovery. Scotswood is conveniently situated close to shopping centers, restaurants and coffee shops.