Providing Employment and Skills for African Women

Widespread unemployment on the African continent is the largest cause of poverty and hunger in the region. Countless children go hungry every day in sub Saharan Africa as result of their parents being unable to find employment. There is a desperate need for business incentives and incentives for foreign investment to stimulate growth in small business and in the economies in general. There are a few noticeable pioneers though, that despite the difficulties and operational obstacles that may exist, have managed to thrive in these adverse conditions and provide much needed relief and employment to those living in the communities they operate from. One such notable business is The Sugar Crystal Company of Cape Town, South Africa. This relatively young and self funded company has been pioneering some innovative new processes in the mass production of sugar swizzle sticks for the retail and catering sectors.

Since the company was founded fifteen years ago by a Cape Town entrepreneur, it has gradually grown into one of the worlds top manufacturers and suppliers of rock candy and sugar swizzle sticks. The company has perfected the process of growing sugar crystals using raw sugar in a very short period of time. This is not a very common industry and the hard work and dedication put in by the team at the Sugar Crystal Company has yielded a winning formula that is a closely guarded secret. From humble beginnings the factory has has grown, doubled then doubled again in size. As the sugar swizzle sticks produced by the company improved in quality and they managed to streamline their production costs, so their market share increased at an extremely healthy rate. The company is emphatic in giving back to the community and provides many African women with a much needed source of income. The sugar swizzle sticks and rock candy sweets these ladies are a part of manufacturing are all made and packaged with beaming faces and a sense of pride. The Sugar Crystal Company has with the help of these dedicated women, emerged as the only manufacturer of swizzle sticks in South Africa.

Besides the natural flavored traditional sugar swizzle sticks that are utilized in the catering industry by upmarket coffee shops and hotels, they also manufacture a range of brightly colored and fruity flavored rock candy swizzle sticks that have become increasingly popular. During a recent interview, the company owner, Richard Morris, was reported as saying that the flavored range of swizzle sticks made up more than fifty percent of the gross product exported by the company. Raw sugar is the primary ingredient used in the production of the sugar swizzle sticks so South Africa is a great location for the factory. Mauritius is another large volume sugar producing country that could well be the home of the next factory that the company would build, should the demand for their quality product continue to grow at the rate it has for the past five years.